Getting ready at Talladega

LINCOLN, Ala. (WIAT) — Thousands of campers and NASCAR fans are descending into east Alabama for the highly anticipated race week in Talladega. The crowds are already filling up the infield and the fun is beginning. And what about the weather? “It’s chamber of commerce weather isn’t it brother,” says Scott Harris.

Harris, from West Palm Beach, Florida, travels all over the country to watch the races. He loves his time in the infield of Talladega, “the people here are so friendly and the security guards and staff are phenomenal that’s one thing and the infield the view.”

There are a lot of new things to do from a Mardi Gras style parade on Friday night, to an infield concert on Saturday night; but really everyone is here for the races. Sunday’s race is expected to be extremely competitive. Russell Branham says there is nothing like being there, “here you hear the roar of the engines, the fumes and the smell of the tires all the fans are right beside you and fired up.”

The forecast for the weekend is great. A little chilly in the morning so you’ll need a sweatshirt. Friday is expected to be in the upper 70’s and sunny with low to mid 80’s for Saturday and Sunday.

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