One Team at a Time: Helena Huskies

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — There is a new football team in town, and that team, the Helena Huskies, are this week’s One Team at a Time.

Starting over is never easy. Coach Watt Parker said,  “It’s been a little difficult because of the nature of opening a new school. We didn’t have a weight program over the summer because we didn’t have a weight room.”

That’s just one of the things the Helena football team has been faced with as they’ve transitioned from Pelham High School. Despite adversity, these players are embracing the new foundation they are building for years to come.

Wide reciever, Kendal Featherstone says, “It’s really exciting. It’s a nice school other than Pelham High School. Everything is new, we have the privilege, and we are very fortunate to have that.”

But new doesn’t mean free. The Huskies are still in need of new equipment. So WIAT 42 and Hibbett Sports decided to help out.

Now as the Huskies continue preparing for week 8 of their season, Coach Parker reminds them of this every day, “We always practice with a purpose. There is a purpose in everything we do, you know, we are not just going through the motions. There is always a reason we do even the little things like getting to class on time, because the ultimate purpose is to produce young people with great character.”

If you know a team that needs some extra help, fill out a nomination form and wishlist and maybe they can be our next one team at a time!

Copyright 2014 WIAT 42 News

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