Pastor helps brother with Ebola

CENTERPOINT, Ala (WIAT) — A local pastor is working to help send food and supplies to the people of Liberia. It’s the least he can do for a nation and even his own brother who are stricken with the deadly disease.

“Every day you sit by the phone,” says Pastor Eddie Gibson of the Brewster Road Community Church. “And when the phone rings your heart rate goes up because you don’t know what you’re going to hear. So you kind of live day to day with anticipation.”

It’s been a tough five weeks for Gibson. In early September his brother, who lives in Liberia, was diagnosed with Ebola.

“He has kind of been off and on,” says Gibson. “We are hearing news about him being critical and then some days he’s responding and other days he’s not. And it’s tough because here I don’t know any other details except what somebody tells me on the phone.”

Not one to sit by idly and feel sorry for himself, Gibson has been organizing a massive food drive for the people of Liberia. As donations pour in from the community, each barrel is packed with rice, beans, canned meats, powered milk and other non perishables.

“That’s the positive way you can channel all your anticipation, anxiety, of not knowing exactly what’s happening to your family member and other people,” claims the pastor.

Gibson hopes to send off a full shipping container to Liberia this Tuesday. But in addition to goods, he’s also sending lots of prayers for West Africa and for his brothers health.

“You pray and you trust god,” says Gibson. “It’s across the Atlantic Ocean. My way of dealing with it is, if God can’t do it, theres nothing I can do.”

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