One Class at a Time: Pleasant Grove Elementary School

PLEASANT GROVE, Ala. (WIAT) – It may not be uncommon for a classroom to participate in virtual learning, but in Jefferson County, Pleasant Grove Elementary  School’s technology coach, Paul Kelsey, says it’s about connection.

“Computers are mind tools, and I think we need to get our students more engaged with technology, not just to make presentations, but to get technology in their hands so they can solve problems,” said Kelsey.

He says new programs would be fun, but they may also reinforce lessons from other instructors.

A number of programs can be utilized by Kelsey in the classroom – subscriptions to a website called Brain Pop, or a popular game.

That’s why he applied for WIAT42’s One Class at a Time grant. Now, he can likely afford those tools to help his classroom.

He’s this week’s recipient of the One Class at a Time $1,000 grant.

“Excited is probably an understatement. I was a little caught off guard by the assembly, but I feel really excited and can’t wait to spend on the kids here,” Kelsey said.

One Class at a Time is co-sponsored by America’s First Financial, Pepsi, and Zaxby’s. If you would like to apply for a $1,000, Click Here to fill out the application.

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