How adults can be safe this Halloween

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — It’s Halloween and thousands of people will be out and about tonight. As the little ones go to bed, the adults will be coming out to play. In just a few hours the long strip of bars in the Lakeview District will be packed with people in costumes. But several people who spoke with WIAT say the mix of alcohol, costumes and a late night party can be a bad combination if you aren’t careful and remember a few common sense things.

Currently, the Lakeview District is in the process of changing from everyday bars to spooky haunted saloons. But this Halloween is the kind of perfect storm that investigators say can lead to disaster.

“When it’s on a Friday, and you don’t have to get up and go to work and the kids don’t have school the next day,” says Lieutenant Jacob Reach of the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office. “You have a tendency to drink more, stay out later, and those lead to issues such as the DUI’s or being in a situation such as a date rape situation.”

That’s why bars like Innisfree are bringing their A-game.

“That’s a part of our job,” says bartender Jason Paine of Innisfree Irish Pub. “That’s a real important part of our job. We have to be the eyes and ears of three to four hundred plus people every night. So we have to make sure we’re keeping an eye on people. Any type of shady behavior, we’re always on top of that and we also have security guys that do a really good job and the Birmingham Police department helps us out too.”

Lt. Reach says two key things to keep your eye on at all times – your drink and your friends.

“You want to travel and go to parties in large groups,” says Reach. “Make sure you have a friend, at least one that’s there to watch out for you. You just want to avoid being in an unsafe environment.”

And most importantly never drink and drive.

“A cab ride is ten to fifteen dollars,” says Paine. “A life is too important to not take a cab home.”

WIAT 42 News spoke with Birmingham Police this afternoon and they told us they are not doing an increased enforcement this holiday weekend. But make no mistake – they will be out on patrol tonight looking for drunk drivers.

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