Your thoughts on Richard Scrushy

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – On Thursday night WIAT 42 aired an exclusive interview with Richard Scrushy. Seeing Scrushy has sparked a lot of response over social media in regards to the HealthSouth founder. Stephen Hauck took a look at the community’s response to Scrushy being back in the headlines.

He found that his interview with Richard Scrushy has a lot of people talking about the lives that were ruined because of the fraud scandal at HealthSouth.

Here are just a few of the comments we found on the WIAT 42 Facebook page:

“No respect for the likes of him, he is no man, he should have served every day at hard labor.”

“No respect for the man or what he has to say.”

“Scum of the earth! He’s what’s wrong with our capitalist system. When ya have your initials in your pool, the lake of fire awaits!”

PHOTOS: The rise and fall of Richard Scrushy

Monday morning on Wake Up Alabama, attorney John Somerville, who is handling the civil suit, will join be live in-studio. He’ll discuss the latest on the civil case against Scrushy, how they are pursuing collections against him still today in Texas, and you’ll hear his response to Scrushy’s claims that the civil trial was unfair.

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