One Team at a Time: Fusion Elite

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Sometimes you have to go that extra mile to be the best. This week’s One Team at a Time winner is showing us just that.

“Dedication,” that’s just one word that defines the U-15 boys Fusion Elite soccer team.

Head coach, Eloy Corona says, “Every single parent, every single assistant coach, player, has to travel at least 35-40 minutes to get them practice.”

That doesn’t include the time spent traveling all over the state for games throughout the season.

“People sometimes have to spend a lot of money to travel and spend the night in a hotel, because we got to play the next day,” said Corona.

It all adds up, so we wanted to help out.

“The season never ends. We play the whole year around. What you guys did just is just fabulous because we always need soccer balls, we always need shin guards,” Corona said.

And with new equipment, these young athletes have a chance to give back to their families.

Corona says, “Do your best on the field because parents try to do their best for you, how you can pay it, do your best on the field. You know, I mean, lose or win, no matter, play great.”

If you want to recognize a team like Fusion Elite, fill out an application and wishlist, and maybe your field will be our next stop!

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