Tuscaloosa preparing for Iron Bowl crowd


TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT)- It’s only the second Iron Bowl Brantley Blow will experience as a manager at Innisfree Irish Pub on University Boulevard in Tuscaloosa. He’s taken in many more as a fan. There’s one in particular he’d like to forget: the infamous “Camback” in 2010. “There was a lot of trash talking going on because it was such a beat down in the beginning,” he said. Then, Auburn quarterback Cam Newton led a furious second half comeback, bringing the Tigers from a 24-0 deficit to beat Alabama 28-27. “Slowly but surely, it started slipping away. The mood [in the bar] started changing,” Blow said.

That particular November night in 2010 saw its fair share of fights and altercations, but the Iron Bowl rivalry is relatively peaceful in comparison to its national reputation. Sgt. Brent Blankley with the Tuscaloosa Police Department, said they receive calls after every Alabama home game, and they take the same measures for Auburn as they do other big-time opponents. “We’ve got a lot of big games that come to Tuscaloosa with the SEC,” explained Sgt. Blankley. “So, we treat it like any big game. It’d be equivalent to LSU.”

Blankley added that TPD officers would be stationed at every portal inside Bryant-Denny Stadium, and up and down “The Strip” after the game. “We’re going to have a lot of officers around. You’ll be able to flag someone down [if you have a problem].”

As for Brantley Blow and the staff at Innisfree, they will also be doing their part to insure fans don’t get too consumed by the game day fervor. “If we see symptoms where we think someone might be getting over-served,the first thing we do is cut them off,” said Blow. “Then, second, we’re going to watch them.” If the customer proceeds to be a problem, Blow said the door staff will ask them to leave and call them a cab.

The measures aren’t meant to rain on any parades, said Sgt. Blankley. “We just want everyone to have a fun, safe, relaxed day at the stadium.”

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