One Class at a Time: Bush Hills Academy

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — It’s been said that music is the great unitary, an incredible force. This week’s One Class at a Time winner has been sharing that truth for decades.

Bush Hills Academy music teacher Carolyn Skinner knows the sounds of the season well, as music has been her passion for years. Mrs. Skinner has been teaching awhile, 41 years to be exact.  This year is going to be her last to do so, though, and because of that, she wanted to leave something special for her school.  You might even call it an early Christmas present.

“I always try to teach recorder, but this year it’s been hard to get the students to buy ’em.  So, I wanted to leave a set of classroom instruments, recorders, for the children so they could learn to play and just something for them to remember me by,” said Skinner.

The students at Bush Hills Academy will definitely remember Carolyn Skinner. As this week’s One Class at a Time winner, she’ll get to follow through on her desire to buy those new instruments with the help of a $1,000 check.

It’s an emotional time for Mrs. Skinner as she realizes, once she retires, she won’t have that daily interaction with students who have become like family. “All the hugs and loving. I’m going to miss that, because I love doing the morning duty simply because I love all the hugs I get from all the boys and girls,” said Skinner.

The sponsors of One Class at a Time are America’s First Financial, Pepsi, and Zaxby’s. If you’d like to apply for a $1,000 grant, fill out the application here.

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