eCO Savings Race: The coaches weigh-in how the teams are doing


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — It’s a race to win the big green while saving a lot of it at the same time. Four teams are closely watching their finances to win the ultimate prize, more money in the bank.

Each week we’ve watched each of the four teams in the eCO Savings Race as they compete to save money. This week it is the coaches’ turn to give an update on the progress each team has made.

Team Davis has checked off each goal on their list. Now it’s a new focus for the New Year, doubling their emergency fund. Team Rich has similar goals as they look to add to their emergency fund as well.

After some bad luck with vehicles, Team Hines had to use some of their emergency fund, but it showed to them the importance of saving money for it.

Team Deal is setting a pace in reaching their goals, they are chipping away at their debt with each check.

Each team is racing for a grand prize in May, but they need your votes. You have the opportunity to select your favorite team and learn their tricks of the trade. Click here to learn how.

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