A gloomy day for Alabama football fans

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Thursday evening Ohio State beat Alabama 42 to 35 in the Sugar Bowl. This is a heartbreaking loss for Alabama fans who hoped to bring home another National Championship trophy. Bama fans like John Lipsey and Philip Holmes say that the rainy weather throughout the state only adds insult to injury.

“At least this is a day that it will be easy to sleep off a tough loss,” said Lipsey.

“We had high expectations. It was nice to be in the first playoff. Because we were in the playoff, most Bama fans would agree that we expected to be playing Oregon. I guess we don’t get a chance this year,” Holmes said.

Still, these fans were working hard to keep their spirits up as they enjoyed breakfast a Demetri’s BBQ in Homewood.

“At the beginning of the year a lot of people didn’t even expect us to have a shot. We started a quarterback that had never even started a game and we had a new offense coordinator. So I think we came a long way,” said Lipsey.

“We got the best coach in the nation. I think we’re still going to have a good team next year,” Holmes said.

While a 42 to 35 final score is a hard number to stomach, Lipsey says maybe the sun will come out tomorrow…or at least next season.

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