Explicit details emerge in sexual abuse case

CULLMAN, Ala. (WIAT) — New information is coming out about a sexual abuse scandal in Cullman. More than a dozen women are saying a former Cullman County Court Referral Office employee used his power to extort sexual favors.

WIAT 42 spoke with multiple women who are revealing explicit details in their sexual abuse allegations against Winfred Eugene Vance Jr.

Brandy Duncan and her husband, Guy, say that Vance used their children and marriage as leverage when he asked Duncan for explicit pictures and sexual acts. Both she and her husband were in the same program.

“I really wanted to kill him every time I went in there,” said Guy Duncan.

“It was so hard. He really is supposed to be there to help us,” Duncan said. “I would have gone to prison before I would have touched him.”

The couple says they tried to report the acts to the officials at the Cullman County Court Referral Office.

“She had told me that she didn’t want to hear it, and that she had heard enough of it,” said Duncan.

The Duncans are not alone. They come in a long line of women with similar accusations. One woman says a ripped hole in the side of her jeans was a catalyst for Vance’s most egregious sexual advance.

“He said, ‘I just want to see if my finger will fit in your hole.’ And the whole time I was telling him to stop. I just didn’t say anything to anybody because anyone that did got shut down or sent to jail. And I didn’t want to go to jail because I have three kids,” she said.

One 20-year-old female with bright blonde hair is the main reason that Vance is currently in jail. She bravely wore a wire and collected enough evidence for investigators to arrest him.

“I have had a lot of people talk to me and thank me. I don’t really know how to react, to be honest,” she said. “If I didn’t do what he wanted me to do, he said he was going to send a positive drug test to DHR and that would cause me to lose my daughter.”

“He told me that he was going to let me take my drug test only if I played with him. He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to him and proceeded to put his tongue down my throat,” she said.

Because of this 20-year-old, another alleged victim says she felt brave enough to come forward with her story Friday morning.

“He wouldn’t put my results on the paper until I let him do what you wanted to do. He asked me if he was ever going to be able to have sex with me, and I told him no. He said he was giving me what I wanted, so why didn’t I give him what he wanted. These are people that are not supposed to hurt you,” she said.

All the women say their biggest hope is that justice is served and no other women will ever be victimized.

Attorney Thomas Drake II says there is much more to this story.

“There were people in official positions of power that had knowledge of this certainly as early as June 2014, but in some cases as early as 2012. Over the coming weeks there will be substantially more,” said Drake.

WIAT 42 reached out to the Cullman County Court Referral Office. They say they have ‘no comment’. WIAT 42 also left messages for Vance’s lawyer, and our calls were not returned. If you are a potential victim, or know someone who is, you are encouraged to report your story to police.

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