Recruiting grind nearing an end


HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT)- It didn’t take long for Bradrick Shaw to stand-out on the field. His dad, Brad Shaw, watched all of his sons Hoover Buccaneers games from the stands, but also took note of who was around him in the seats. “I knew he was a pretty good athlete just from watching him,” said the elder Shaw. “When the [college] coaches started showing up, I knew he was doing great.”

Shaw was the rare exception, a heavy contributor to the vaunted Bucs program all four years in high school. When it came time to look for his next destination, there was no shortage of suitors for the running back. “In the beginning it was just simple,” said his father. “He got one letter.”

“Then he got a second letter.”

“Then they started coming in by the bunches.”

Colleges all across the country wanted the Buccaneer star to set sail for their programs. “It’s actually fun, it’s actually pretty cool,” said Bradrick Shaw. “Starting off, you get real excited; but then you get tired of it.” Shaw said the constant calls from coaches across the country began to wear on him. He did tell us that one coach in particular called more than others. “I don’t want to say any names or programs,” he said with a laugh.

His father said the travel to and from campuses began to take its toll as well. “At the end it was sort of hectic.”

All the chaos led to a successful bid by the Wisconsin Badgers. “It’s just the great tradition, the great running back tradition, and I just love being around the players,” said Shaw on what drew him to the Badger State. “I think it’s a great academic school, too,” said his mother, Karen Shaw. “So he got two in one.”

With his signature tomorrow at Hoover High School, Shaw will officially put an end to his recruitment. As always, however, there’s another crop of players set to go through the same process next year. If they want to make find the right fit, Shaw has some advice for them. “You want to take it slow,” he said.

“Don’t rush and make the wrong decision.”

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