Same-sex marriage: Couple featured in ‘Freedom to Marry’ ad reacts to court decision

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – A national advocacy group called Freedom to Marry began playing a series of advertisements in Alabama on Sunday. The commercial stars a local same-sex couple, Chi and Jessica Peoples, building their family as a same-sex couple living in Alabama.

In the ad, Chi Peoples says “I can’t imagine anyone loving a person as much as I love my wife.”

Jessica and Chi Peoples say they also love the south, specifically Alabama. That is why Chi says she and her wife Jessica never moved away to another state that allows same-sex marriage.

“We love being southern, that’s why we are still here when it would have been so much easier to move someplace else,” Peoples said.

In the commercial, Peoples addresses the issue referring to the fact that she and her wife drove to Connecticut to be legally married in 2013. She says, “it’s not fair to drive 18 to 20 hours to another state to get married, then come back to Alabama and it not be recognized.”

Peoples says that after the most recent court ruling, she is most excited for her daughter, Nailah, 7, to be a legal child of both of her moms.

“I have a mom, and a mommy and three cats,” Nailah says in the commercial. “My family isn’t that different than any other family. It’s perfectly the same.”

Peoples says that she believes that much of the pushback against gay marriage comes from fear. She says people are afraid of what they do not understand.

“The main thing that we wanted to accomplish with this (advertisement) was to give people who are in the LGBT community, wanting to validate their families, an opportunity to be seen. (To show) who we really are. You see us every day. We are right next to you in the grocery line,” Peoples said.

You can catch the commercials on television through the end of the day on Tuesday. Then they will continue to run in online ads until Sunday.

While people from groups like Freedom to Marry are thrilled about the decision, some consider Alabama’s decision a defeat. Click here to read more.

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