Equality Alabama petitioning Attorney General to stop appeal

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Hundreds of same sex couples are expecting to show up at Alabama courthouses monday morning to get married, that’s according to Equality Alabama.

Equality Alabama is turning in 3,500 petitions to Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange. They’re asking him to stop his appeal of a federal court ruling that will allow same sex couples to get married.

In a press conference Sunday afternoon, the president of Equality Alabama, Ben Cooper, asked Strange to stand on the “right side of history.” Cooper also mentioned the handful of probate judges who are refusing to issue marriage licenses as “out of touch with the law.”

for Jeff Prince and his partner, they know tomorrow a law changes, but it will take time for society to change.

“Obviously, we’ve already come this far and so people have become more tolerant,” said Prince.

“I think you will still have people who will hold to their views and it’s not my goals to change people’s views,” continued Prince.

“It’s overwhelming,” said Cooper.

“I’m overjoyed for the couples that will be ready to be married tomorrow,” continued Cooper.

Equality Alabama is planning on having several places around the courthouse in Birmingham where same sex couples can be married after getting their license.

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