Witnesses speak out after brutal Greene County fight

GREENE COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — People who witnessed a serious fight in Greene County are coming forward with more information on what led up to the brawl.

Neighbors tell WIAT there has been an ongoing feud between two communities positioned directly across from each other on County Road 156 in Jena. The fight, caught on camera on March 9th, was the moment where the heated situation came to a boil.

According to a press release from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, several adults and juveniles were arrested.

Witness Lakeitta Richardson says she thinks the fight became too dangerous once a gun was brought into the mix. “We had to defend ourselves at the end of the road. We couldn’t just sit there and let them just do that,” said Richardson.

According to the press release, authorities plan to review the YouTube video and expect that more arrests will be made.

Jennifer Clark says she was hit in the head by a baseball during the fight. “We had to go to the hospital that night,” Clark sad.

Clark says that she heard the fight was going to happen and that is why she tried to meet her daughter at the bus stop. She says she wishes that the Greene County school system could’ve done more to protect the children. “I had called to the school that Monday and told them. I reported that they were planning to jump my daughter. They never called me back,” Clark said.

On the Greene County Board of Education’s website, the transportation mission statement reads that their “goal is to provide safe and efficient transportation to all students.

Superintendent Emma Louie says she does not have the authority to interfere with students on private property. “Students were actually off the bus on private property. The bus is in the scene because the driver could not move the bus from the incident,” said Louie.

She also told us that if any parents have suggestions on how to stop a fight off of school property to contact the school board. She says she could not make any additional comments because the case is still under investigation.

Community members say they are ready for this feud to be over because it is only a matter of time before it happens again.

We reached out to the Greene County district attorney and also the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. Both say they were not able to speak with us today, but say they could possibly speak another day.

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