Railroad Park fight video goes viral, causes local parents’ concern

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Birmingham parents are calling for action from law enforcement after a video surfaced on social media of teens fighting in Railroad Park.

Birmingham police chief A.C. Roper released a statement after the incident :

“We’re all aware that kids fighting is nothing new but social media now gives them a platform to share their inappropriate behavior. The sad reality is these kids aren’t that concerned about repercussions at home so it then becomes a police matter. They definitely don’t realize their actions can have long term consequences.”

Parents and people who enjoy this park say that that trend has got to change. “It definitely makes you not want to come here because you don’t feel as secure when you see that kind of stuff going on,” Desmon Hill said. “My girlfriend and her two-year-old were just here before the incident happened. It’s crazy how that could’ve escalated and they could’ve still been here. It’s really scary.”

Wanda Erskins, with the group Mothers Who Want the Violence to Stop, says her group is calling for action. “I think every last one of them should be put in jail. It starts right here at the park. One girl got killed a couple weeks ago and lost her life (at a park),” said Erskins. “This has got to stop. It ends today.”

Her group is also planning to start a petition asking Facebook to ban violent material from being posted on the social media site.

Lt. Sean Edwards says there are four to six officers assigned to patrol Railroad Park at all times. He is also asking parents to talk to their children about violence at home.

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