Birmingham Barons suggest parking options for 2015 season

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Anyone who has been to a Birmingham Barons game is well acquainted with how challenging it can be to find parking.

Now, patrons need to get to Region’s Field with plenty of time to either find a spot and walk, or catch a shuttle.

If street parking is not available, there are 3,000 spots open within a five mile walk to Regions Field. Lot B off of 17th Street will be used for season ticket holders, and lot C off of 18th Street is open to the public. The Barber’s parking lot on the corner of 14th Street and 1st Avenue North is accessible. Ted’s Cafeteria and Heisco Auto Service are also offering their space.

The Baron’s general manager, Jonathan Nelson, said that shuttles will also be utilized to help get patrons to the game.

“There’s several different options,” Nelso said. “Whether it be the Children’s Hospital lots around Regions Field or the Intelligent System parking lot on 1st Avenue North, but there’s also a tremendous amount of curbside parking all around as well. Certainly be aware of where you are. Hopefully you’ll park in one of these lots that you feel comfortable with, but also respect private property as well.”

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