Man convicted of DWI while allegedly drunk in courtroom

GRAND ISLAND, N.Y. (WIVB) Police charged an Orchard Park man with drinking and driving despite having warned him several times not to get in a car and drive.

Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies say J.B. Silverthorn’s Monday arrest was under an unusual circumstances. Police say he was in court for an arrest in December after driving into the Niagara River while drunk. Silverthorn drove into the Niagara River and was stranded three feet deep in quickly moving water. Police towed him out with a boat.

Police say he was found guilty Monday night for drinking and driving on Dec. 29, but police say people around Silverthorn noticed he smelled like alcohol. Police say the judge who found him guilty and his attorney representing him asked him not to drive home that night.

Police say he was also stopped in the hallway by officers who noticed his intoxication, and they told him not to drive home. Police say he left the courthouse, got in his car and soon after attempted to drive home, but police were watching.

Officers say they noticed him after he attempted to pull out of the courthouse onto Grand Island Boulevard and stopped him.

Police charged Silverthorn with felony DWI — having just that night been convicted of his first DWI — and driving with no headlights.

Silverthorn was taken to the Erie County Holding Center pending arraignment.

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