Irondale residents trapped inside homes due to flooding

IRONDALE, Ala. (WIAT) – It was raining so hard Friday morning in Irondale that water got inside our camera lens, so it may be that clear: what you’re looking at in this video footage is the very top of a car, the only thing visible under all this water.

Irondale’s fire chief said the driver didn’t know how deep the water was, got in trouble and had to get out. They’re fine, but the chief says this stretch of Queenstown Road always floods during heavy downpours, and almost every time someone tries to cross it and gets stuck.

We came out looking for that car that was trapped in the flooded roadway but we had to stop, because Queenstown was flooded. Even the fire trucks had to find a detour, so we came down Birmingham Avenue to find another way around and we found people trapped inside their homes because their yards, driveways and street were flooded.

We were shocked when we saw Terri Holland trapped on her front porch. She however wasn’t so shocked.

“This house has been in my family over 10 years, so we’re kind of used to it,” Holland said.

Every time it rains this hard, she said yards flood, the ditch overflows, and water in the street rushes like a river.

“The first time we were in shock, videotaping, couldn’t believe it wondering if something would happen. Now it doesn’t bother me as much if something were to happen I know someone could get to us,” Holland said.

Although Holland said she and her family are used to it, they’re still unable to go anywhere until the water recedes.

That’s the message the Irondale Fire Department wants everyone to hear- if there is standing water in the road, turn around.

Copyright 2015 WIAT 42 News

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