Lipscomb mayor arrested

LIPSCOMB, Ala. (WIAT) – WIAT 42 received a tip that the police chief and the Lipscomb Mayor Lance McDade were involved in a physical fight at Lipscomb City Hall Friday afternoon. The fight is allegedly in relation to the administrative leave the mayor administered on Friday.

Mayor McDade has been arrested and detained pending investigation. While the mayor is in jail, duties fall on Councilor Brenda Renz.

While on the scene WIAT 42 received the letter from the mayor to all city employees.

“Lipscomb Mayor Lance McDade sent a letter to all city employees April 10 to inform them they were on administrative leave with pay until further notice, with exemptions for city dispatch.”

According to the city clerk, Connie Madsen, the police chief did sustain injuries but none have currently been determined as serious. The city clerk also said all employees are still on the clock, and she is not sure why the administrative letter was in circulation.

“I’m not really going to speak for the other employees, I can’t do that, I will say for me personally that I think it is a difficulty, he makes it difficult for us to function and do our jobs,” Madsen said.


This is not Mayor McDade’s first brush with the law. In June he was arrested for trying to avoid a police officer during a traffic violation stop, and in April McDade and his wife were arrested during a domestic violence dispute at their home. Those are just two offenses on a long list of controversies involving the mayor.

WIAT 42 will continue bringing you the latest in this developing story as soon as we can.

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