School district responds to violent lunchroom video

(WBAY) — The Pulaski Community School District says a video circulating online showing one student repeatedly hitting another student does not reflect the values of the district.

Until Action 2 News can investigate this incident further, we have blurred the faces of the students involved.

The video was posted on Facebook Monday and immediately began getting shares.

The caption on the video posted by Tim Pine says (We have redacted all names in the post until we can investigate further):

“This video is very disturbing. My son was assaulted in the school lunchroom at Pulaski High School, Pulaski Wi. There was a bunch of kids making annoying noises (including my son) and a student the one who assaulted my son in this video went to [Redacted Text] a teacher that is employed by the school and asked him if he could do something. [Redacted Text] replied by saying ” I would like to hit one of them in the back of the head but he could not do that” Then he continued by saying “If (Name of minor that assaulted my son) were to hit one of them he would slowly make his way over to break it up. This behavior is inexcusable. The School district seems to think a simple Don’t do that again and a sorry excuse for an apology is enough. I THINK NOT. I would like all of you to spread this around so that the parents of kids in the Pulaski School District in Pulaski Wi. know how they are more concerned about covering up this kind of thing than keeping our kids safe.”

Action 2 News spoke with Pine Tuesday morning and he told us, “I’m appalled the student was suspended and nothing happened to the teacher.”

Action 2 News is working on getting more details about the incident including when it happened and whether any disciplinary actions were taken.

The Pulaski Community School District released the following statement Monday night regarding the video.

“This is a very unfortunate incident and it does not reflect the values and teaching of the Pulaski Community School District.  In no way does the Pulaski Community School District condone bullying, violence or fighting.  Student safety is our number one priority.  Each situation must be dealt with on an individual basis and we cannot share the specifics of any student’s record publicly.

The district is always willing to work with parents and students and we will continue to be available and provide resources when events like this occur.

We work hard to teach our students and staff the value of positive relationships and open, honest communication to maintain safety in our schools.”

Action 2 News will bring you more information on this story as it develops.

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