Texas woman posts on Facebook “A Female shouldn’t be President”

(WIAT) — Hillary Clinton is on her first tour as a 2016 presidential candidate in Iowa. The first stop for the former First Lady was a coffee shop in Le Claire where she ordered a few drinks and met with voters. The event sticks with Clinton’s strategy to hold small retail-style events that allow her to speak to people one-on-one.

Meanwhile, one Texas woman is getting a lot of attention for a post on her Facebook page. She said a woman shouldn’t be president, which has thrown her into the spotlight to explain her beliefs.

Her name is Cheryl Rios, she runs her own business and is raising a family in Texas. A recent Facebook post of hers though has raised a few eyebrows. “I could have deleted it, but it stands true,” says Rios, “I believe in what I said. There is an old fashioned, biblical, sound reasoning in my mind of why a woman should not be president.”

It started with her opposition to Hillary Clinton as a presidential possibility, but she went well beyond a political position. A president, she says, should always be a man.

“We’re built differently, we do have different hormones. And in the world that we live in, I understand that there’s equal rights and that’s a wonderful thing and I support all of that,” Rios continued, “I don’t support a woman being President.”

Testosterone is in no small supply in Rick Fairless’ Strokers Dallas Custom Motorcycle Shop. He depends on Rios’ marketing skills for his shop. But he cannot understand her stance on women running a nation. “I can’t comprehend someone who thinks a woman can’t do anything a man can do,” says Fairless, “They can. I promise you they can.”

Rios says she knows from running her own business that sitting across from a man, you’re going to be looked at a certain way. “Do we want that in our presidency,” Rios goes on to answer her own question “by no means, no.”

As for Hillary Clinton, she is the first Democrat to officially enter the field. Three republicans have thrown their hat into the ring, all men. They are US Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio.

WEB POLL: This story out of Dallas has us wondering what other Americans think when it comes to the next President. Do you believe a woman should have the opportunity to be President of the United States?

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