Fairfield City Council concerned with false claims about city’s finances

FAIRFIELD, Ala. (WIAT) — Recently allegations emerged saying Fairfield Municipal Jail lacked the financial resources to feed inmates, but those allegations have since been retracted.

The mayor of Fairfield, Kenneth Coachman, has been called out by residents and asked to step down from his position for making false claims about the city’s finances.The meeting that took place on Thursday night was supposed to touch on outstanding bills that dated back to 2013, but this was an issue that was never touched on during the meeting.

The mayor claims that he was “blindsided” by this particular meeting.

The city attorney said strengthening business licenses will generate more money for other spending needs in Fairfield. The proposed plan would generate $96,000 in income for the city.

During the Fairfield City Council meeting on Thursday, the Fairfield City Council began to discuss a bankruptcy plan, at which point Mayor Coachman stormed out of the meeting due to “frustration with the council.”

“It’s no surprise, we are broke,” Coachman said. “My main concerns are police and fire.”

Council President Darnell Gardner is concerned with how releasing inmates will reflect on the community.

“It makes the world think you can go to Fairfield, commit a crime and not get arrested,” Gardner said.

Although most of what happened in the meeting was finger pointing, the citizens are the ones most affected by these changes.

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