Hoover Police continuing investigation into reports of prostitution in the area

HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — Hoover Police arrested five women Tuesday during a prostitution sting. It happened at a hotel in the 2900 block of John Hawkins Parkway. Police are not revealing which hotel it was because there are several hotels that sit along that stretch, and police have received complaints about prostitution at at least one other hotel in the same block.

We spoke with a woman who works at a gas station that sits in front of several of the hotels in the 2900 block of John Hawkins Parkway.

“I was surprised because I have stayed at several of these hotels on 150 and they are all nice so I was just really shocked,” Tracy Pleasant said.

Hoover Police say they’re not surprised at all because prostitution is happening in just about every community and every city.

“If you have hotels in your city there is most likely going to be prostitution. It’s not going to matter if its 40 dollars a night or 200 there’s going to be prostitution going on in those areas,” Captain Gregg Rector with the Hoover Police Department said.

“Well I want them to get it out of the area because first of all we have a lot of kids, and you don’t want children growing up seeing that and it’s more like a family area in Hoover,” Pleasant said.

Captain Rector says their department does plan to hold more undercover prostitution stings in the future.

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