Alabama ranks 8th in tornado claims in 2014 study

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – According to recent data released by State Farm, Alabama ranks eighth nationally in tornado claims, with more than 4,600 claims across the state in 2014.

Other states making the list are Kentucky, Missouri, Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio, Texas, Georgia, and Illinois tops the list with more than 10,000 claims.

State Farm wants to remind homeowners about the importance of being prepared during severe weather by releasing this list of data. The company paid out more than $870 million for claims as a result of tornado and high wind claims in 2014.

“We hope reminders like this will spark more interest in taking steps like reviewing your insurance policy and taking a home inventory before the worst of the spring severe weather season arrives,” said State Farm spokesman Roszell Gadson.

Steps should be taken so secure your home and family prior to tornado season, which runs during the spring with peak months being May, June and July.

State Farm suggests to secure windows, maintain trees and shrubbery by removing weak branches and trees, and making sure a proper home inventory has been taken in order to secure your home. Items like birth certificates, wills, certificates of ownership and insurance documentation should be left in a secure location left away from your residence.

In order to prepare your family, State Farm recommends teaching family members the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warming. Your family is also recommended to create a plan of action and practice said plan to make sure no family members get lost or separated.

Although tornadoes are most frequent in the Great Plains, South and Midwest, no areas of the country are exempt from tornadoes. Being prepared is the first step in ensuring familial safety during this crucial season.

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