Volunteers help refurbish vandalized World War II torpedo

WICHITA, Kansas (KSN) –  Memorial Day is fast approaching with several ceremonies planned to honor our fallen soldiers.

However, one artifact at a local memorial park has been vandalized over the past few months.

Chuck Chestnut, a veteran of the Marine Corp says the Director of Veterans Memorial Park had asked him to help restore this old MK-14 torpedo, used in World War II.

“People had scratched their names in it, and a few profanities and had just disgraced it in general,” said Chestnut.

In disarray and in need of repairs quickly with memorial day fast approaching, Kristi Patton with Global Collision Center stepped into help.

“Single source who is our paint supplier, they supplied us with all the paint, primer, sanders and blue line rentals supplied us with the mobile compressors we used today,” said Patton.

With those supplies, they worked quickly to repair the torpedo.

“We sanded it all down smooth so it didn’t show through the new paint, put some nice primer on it and re-painted it the same color that it was,” said Patton.

Just in time for the day set aside to honor those who fought and died for our country.

“It took a while but we’re glad to do it and we’re happy it’s back to its former condition,” said Chestnut.

The black MK-14 torpedo, which was used in parts of World War II has been on display at the park since 1996.

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