Dragon boat helps visually impaired children get involved in rowing

Summer camp is a time for kids to get outdoors and sometimes outside their comfort zones.

That’s the entire point of the sports education camp where today, visually impaired children were able to row a boat together with the help of a drum beat.

This is called a dragon boat, and that drum is standard on all dragon boats. Today the camp hosted visually impaired children. Camp counselors say the entire point of getting them out on the boat was to show them all that they can participate in any sport, like rowing, but they may just need to rely on their other senses to do it.

Reagan Sobczak, a camp attendee, said, “Like, if she beats the drum and they hear it, they’ll know to stroke the paddle in the water.”

Meagan Rowe of the Legacy Foundation said, “These kids can do anything any other kid can do maybe sometimes it looks a little bit different.”

The sports education camp is run by the Lakeshore Foundation and it hosts children with different disabilities. They introduce them to all the different kinds of sports and activities they can participate in.

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