Car crash deaths up in St. Clair County, primarily due to no seat belts

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — There have been five deadly car accidents back-to-back in St. Clair County, with the most recent one occurring Tuesday.

So far, St. Clair County has had 349 crashes in 2015 and eight fatalities. There have been five crashes just in the past month. St. Clair County has nearly doubled in car deaths this year.

“When you are looking at the cause of the fatalities in St. Clair County, the primary cause is not wearing a seat belt,” said Alabama State Trooper, Chuck Daniel.

Sixty-two percent of car-related fatalities this year were a result of no seat belts being worn. Crash

“It makes me nervous, especially if I’m not around my kids. I know they are riding with a friend of mine or a family member or something like that. I’m always calling, checking because there are just a lot of people around here that act like they don’t know how to drive,” said Tiffany Lima.

“When you get out on the back roads, that’s when you get most of the accidents, that’s where mine occurred,” said Daniel Shaske, who wrecked his car in Pell City.

State troopers said the top three contributing factors are distracted driving, tailgating and speed

“We have one trooper per 12,000 vehicles right now. That’s our numbers. We are spread so thin that we are not able to make the enforcement effort that’s needed,” said Daniel.

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