City of Huntsville files lawsuit against veteran attempting to live “off the grid”

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — An Alabama man said all he wants to do is live off the grid, but the city of Huntsville is not allowing it.

Tyler Truitt said he joined the military to fight for American rights, but now he said his own rights are being threatened. He said he just wants the freedoms he swore he’d protect.

Truitt said it’s the simple things in life that matter, and it doesn’t get any simpler than living off the land.

“So I basically made all my own utilities, I’ve got my solar panels, I’ve got my rain water collection system and stuff,” said Truitt. “They could come out here today if they wanted to and take us to jail for trespassing if that’s what they want to call it, and you know, that’d be fine with me. I’ll still come back the next day and the next day because it’s my home and because I live here.”

The City of Huntsville has filed a lawsuit against Truitt and his girlfriend about the property, saying it’s unsafe.

Truitt said he is prepared to fight for his property.

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