High heat index puts parents on high alert

Homewood Park

(WIAT) — With school out for the summer, most children want to play outside. But doctors warn the heat we’re experiencing now can be too much for children, unless you take precautions.

Steven Baldwin M.D., a doctor with the emergency department at Children’s Hospital, said the heat can get to children in a second, even if you’re careful.

Last year, the ER at Children’s treated 16 kids for heat related illness like heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

On Tuesday at noon, the only people at Homewood Central Park are sticking close to the shade,

A lack of shade and water to play in is what drove two moms to a different park.

Both women, each mothers of three, say after experience and even a summer heat scare that they have their plan to keep kids cool down to a science.

“One time when they were little one of them passed out, we went blueberry picking and they passed out from heat,” Margaret Springfield said.

The first aspect to focus on is location. Select a place with ample shade and water.

Second, the time of day makes a huge difference.

Finally, bring water and make sure the kids take breaks to drink it.

“If they’ve drank all their water already than I know we need to go soon,” Lizette Crosson said.

That’s the same advice Baldwin recommended.  Plus, he added if your child is playing sports this summer, they can’t just rely on thirst to let them know when to hydrate

“You may even have to force yourself to drink enough in those kinds of circumstances, people need to be drinking 1 to 2 quarts an hour.” said Baldwin.

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