Keeping pets safe in hot weather

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — We can keep our children inside when it gets hot outside like it is today, but that’s not always the case with our pets.

Some animals have to be out in the elements for hours at a time.

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society wants to show how keep our furry friends safe when the temperature is hot.

It only takes a few minutes to be outside especially in the sun to get hot and start sweating.  Dogs regulate their body temperatures too. However just like humans need water, they need plenty of it.

If your dog is going to be outside in the heat, they need shade or somewhere where they can get out of the sun.

Veterinarians say it’s easy to spot when a dog gets overheated.

“Panting is not a big sign but one of the big signs is if one of the animals collapses or just stops their activity all together. So a dog that’s out walking with you and he just stops and sits and won’t move. That is an early sign they are getting overheated,” said Dr. Vaughn Walker

The vet said it is harder to spot, but if you see a cat pant then they are definitely at risk for heat exhaustion.

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