Trump comments continue to ruffle feathers nationally, locally

Developer Donald Trump gestures as he announces that he seek the Republican nomination for president, Tuesday, June 16, 2015, in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

(WIAT) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is not backing down from his eyebrow-raising remarks about Mexican immigrants.

He defended his comments at events in Las Vegas and Phoenix Saturday, in a region at the center of the immigration debate. When it came time for audience questions at his first event in Las Vegas, he was confronted about the controversial comments.

Other republican candidates have distanced themselves from Donald Trump because of his remarks, and companies like Univision have ended business relationships.

The Trump controversy is becoming a daily ordeal for the Republican Party.

His comments about immigration and Latinos have been divisive to many, leading several people, businesses and groups to separate themselves from the flamboyant presidential candidate.

Trump has been unrepentant and confidently said he will still win the Hispanic vote. However, the Executive Director of the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama said Trump isn’t dealing with reality.

“I think ‘the Donald’ is out of touch with the changing demographic in this country, and I think that his flip attitude toward our changing demographic is, I don’t think it’s gonna help him win an election, and I think he’s living in a fantasy world,” said Isabel Rubio, Executive Director of the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama.

Rubio said the fact that so many businesses and groups are cutting ties with Trump speaks volumes about what many people feel about him.

She believes Trump thinks his money makes him feel like he can say anything, but in the end, his comments will hurt his run for the White House.

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