Gun show draws hundreds, opinions on tougher gun laws

BESSEMER, Ala. (WIAT) —  On Saturday, right off of Interstate-459, it was the final day of the summer sale at the Steyr Arms Factory.

“Everything is awesome here,” said Adam Couk, a hunting enthusiast. “I came in because I heard it on the radio, I’m a big hunter and I love guns, I have a lot of guns so I figured I wanted to check it out.”

After you get through security, inside you could find a wide range of fire arms on sale, from hand guns to semi automatics.

“We are the importer and wholesaler for all Steyr and Merkal firearms that come into the country, so everything that comes into the country we get it first and then we distribute throughout the country,” said Scott O’Brien from the Steyr Arms factory.

“A lot of people use this for home defense or sport shooting or a lot of people do three gun matches, with guns like this so there is a lot of sporting application, and even some people are starting to hunt with semi auto rifles,” said O’Brien.

In a country that is arguably having one of it’s most intense debates on gun control in light of two tragic shootings in Tennessee and Louisiana in one week, some are calling for tougher gun laws.

“Obviously we’re pro-NRA, and we’re all about doing everything the right way, and obviously the shooting that happened is a tragedy,” said O’Brien.

“Its just crazy people, it’s not the guns, guns don’t kill people, it’s people behind the guns that kill people, and maybe we need to just get a little stricter on the buying of the actual guns,” said Couk.

During the three-day sale, a little more than a thousand people came through the doors to check out and or purchase a firearm.

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