Undercover videos spark Planned Parenthood protest in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Pro-life groups are calling for a state investigation into Planned Parenthood affiliates in Alabama.

There’s also a push to de-fund the organization, and protesters are taking that message to the streets.

A large group of people gathered at noon Tuesday outside the Planned Parenthood office in Birmingham.

The pro-life protesters were there in reaction to a series of recently released undercover videos targeting Planned Parenthood. The group taking credit for the videos is the Center for Medical Progress. CMP describes the videos as an investigation into the sale of aborted fetal body parts and titled the three part series “Human Capital.”

“It is critical that the State of Alabama immediately open an investigation into Planned Parenthood in light of the recent and past discoveries of the disturbing practices of this organization. Our state leaders at all levels of government should call for immediate de-funding of this organization. Selling human tissue and body parts of aborted babies is a clear human rights violation,” said Deborah Garrett, Eagle Forum of Alabama.  “Planned Parenthood cannot be trusted with one penny from taxpayers.”

Kayla Moore, President of the Foundation for Moral Law, and wife of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, is pushing for an investigation.

“People are very fed up with the way things are going and are demanding that our leaders take a stand,” said Moore.

“With all of the exposure of Planned Parenthood and what we’ve seen about the selling of body parts we’ve gone from bad, abortion which is bad, to worse. There is an investigation which needs to be done. And I’m thankful to Robert Aderholt who happens to be my congressman who has written a bill and told us that he is pushing to de-fund Planned Parenthood,” Moore continued.

Planned Parenthood is attacking the undercover videos and the group taking credit for them.

In statements Planned Parenthood said the videos were recorded under false pretenses and violated the privacy of patients. The organization said the tissue storage and examination process is medically necessary. As for the dialogue that has so many people outraged, Planned Parenthood responded that conversations that occur in medical settings between peers sound jarring when taken out of context.

Staci Fox, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast, released a statement that included the following.

“Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our patients, which is why we are standing strong and calling this latest attack campaign what it is – part of a decade-long campaign to deceive the public, make false charges, and terrorize women and their doctors, all in order to ban abortion and cut women off from care at Planned Parenthood.”

The statement also contained the following:

“Planned Parenthood has provided quality care for nearly 100 years and this latest attack certainly isn’t going to stop us. We will be ever-vigilant during the upcoming protests.  Our security team is on alert.  Our staff is well-trained and prepared.  Our clinics will be open and our staff will be on hand for all the patients who count on us every day for care.  No matter what.”

Staci Fox, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast

Source: Planned Parenthood Southeast

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