Woman donates birthday money, but gets a miracle

COKER, Ala. (WIAT) — It’s been a big birthday for Beth Anderson; who’s perhaps more commonly known around West Alabama as “Miss Beth.” She has just turned 37-years-old.

There are a lot of reasons why this birthday means so much.  However, Beth and her family have been busy thinking about others.

“Beth has a very good, giving spirit,” said Debbie Anderson, Beth’s mother, “So she is donating a portion of her birthday money to her three favorite nonprofits in our area: Eagles’ Wings, Arts’n’Autism, and Hospice of West Alabama.”

WIAT 42 News caught up with Beth and her family at her first stop of the day, Eagles’ Wings in Coker. We don’t know how much money was in the envelope that Beth handed over to co-founder, Sandra Pike, but it doesn’t matter.

“Every nickle helps,” Pike said.  “It’s a nickle more than we had, and we’re excited that Beth just chose us to do this. Of course, she’s helping her friends who she has loved and grew up with all these years.”

WIAT 42 first covered Beth’s story at the Special Olympics back in April. Beth and her crowd of supporters were decked out in pink shirts and bracelets for the event. The bracelets read, “Prayers for Miss Beth.”

Debbie explained that Miss Beth had been diagnosed with a brain tumor in September. It was was pressing on her spinal cord and it would grow to be the size of a fist. Doctors told Miss Beth’s family that she only had a year or less to live.  At the time, Debbie told WIAT that the first thing they did was have the prayer bracelets made, and those bracelets traveled all over the world. Next, the family started doing as many special things with Miss Beth as possible. She threw out the first pitch at a University of Alabama softball game. She also competed in the Special Olympics, something Miss Beth has loved doing for decades.

“She was not a candidate for the typical surgery because of the size of the tumor and pulmonary concerns,” explained Debbie.  “We were told she wasn’t a candidate for the gamma knife because of the size of the tumor.”

However, in April, Beth and her family met a doctor who introduced them to another option: TrueBeam radiation therapy. Beth had the procedure on July 8. Eight days later, Debbie said they noticed a difference. Then this week, they got a call from the doctor.

“The good news was it’s dead – the tumor is dead,” Debbie explained.  “The tumor is dead and it’s no longer growing.”  Debbie said they will return for a follow up MRI in three months to see how the tumor is shrinking.

“I got a call from Debbie yesterday,” said Sandra Pike from Eagles’ Wings. “They had gone to the doctor and Beth’s tumor had stopped growing. We were both crying and thanking God for this. Then to see Beth come out this morning and actually bring the gift to us, and she was able to come out and see some of her friends that she has gone to school with — and they are so excited to see her today.”

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