American flag now flies over U.S. Embassy in Havana again

(WIAT) — Friday morning, Secretary of State John Kerry will lead a historic flag-raising ceremony to officially mark the re-opening of the U.S. Embassy in Havana. This will be the first time the flag has flown over the embassy in 54 years.

Three U.S. service members took part in a rehearsal ceremony at the embassy Thursday.

The change in diplomatic relations is something this 31-year-old Cuban woman is looking forward to.

When it comes to politics, she said she doesn’t care. Not when positive things can happen for Cubans young and old.

Still others, like American Lois Schecter, remain skeptical.

Her family’s farm in Havana was seized by Fidel Castro’s regime during the communist revolution, and her family fled the country.

“I would like to see reparations if we have relations with Cuba I don’t think we should have them without the reparations,” said Schecter.

In a newspaper column published on his 89th birthday Thursday, Fidel Castro repeated claims the U.S. owes Cuba millions of dollars in damages caused by a long-standing trade embargo.

Now that both sides have taken steps to re-establish diplomatic ties, President Barak Obama has called on congress to lift the embargo.

“We don’t have to be imprisoned by the past,” said Obama. “When something isn’t working, we can and will change.”

Many Republicans disagree and are calling on Cuba to improve its human rights practices before a trade embargo is lifted.

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