Franklin Graham hopes to see people from all walks of life at Festival of Hope

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – On Friday, the three day event known as the Festival of Hope begins at Bartow Arena. Before the festivities kick-off though, WIAT anchor Stephen Hauck spoke one-on-one with the main speaker Franklin Graham.

Graham says that although the Festival of Hope is billed as a Christian event, he hopes people of all backgrounds come to participate in the free festival.

Franklin, who is the son of the world’s most well-known Christian evangelist, Billy Graham, tells WIAT that he has never tried to copy his famous father, “I’ve never tried to fill my father’s shoes. Who could fill Billy Graham’s shoes? You can’t do that.”

What Graham is doing though is what he feels called to do. That includes international missions work and speaking at events like the Festival of Hope in Birmingham.

“The Festival of Hope is to give people an opportunity to hear and understand God’s love for them,” Graham continued, “and his willingness to forgive their sins.”

Graham says he wants people of all walks of life, regardless of their circumstances, to come to the event for a message of hope, “they may be strung out on drugs, they may be an alcoholic, maybe somebody that has just gone through a divorce and their family is upside down, these are people that I want to come and I want them to hear God loves them.”

To see Franklin Graham’s full interview with Stephen Hauck, check out the video below:

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