Second annual “Wrinkle Rating” released, Alabama listed as no. 21

Credit: RoC® Skincare

(WIAT) — The second annual “Wrinkle Rating” study pinpointed states where residents are at the highest risk for fine lines and wrinkles.

Most are aware that the sun contributes to wrinkles and aging, but the state you call home could be contributing to your aging process more than you think.

Alabama falls close to the middle of the list, at number 21. The study pinpoints the states where the residents’ skin is most at risk from damage by lifestyle, environment, occupation and stress level.

Other southern states that ranked higher on the list include West Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky. The researchers said southern states tend to top the list due to generally poor diet and a high percentage of smokers.

States that get a fair share of sunshine such as Hawaii, Mississippi and Louisiana have low rates of skin cancer and averted being ranked in the top 25.

New York ranked number one, and researchers said stress is at the core of the state’s top ranking. Other reports show that New York is one of the top states for rates of dissatisfaction with life and lack of emotional support. New York also has the second longest commute time, inadvertently contributing to stress levels.

The survey was conducted by RoC Skincare. Data was adjusted by population of each state in order to arrive at “per capita” figures in order to ensure accuracy. Each of the 50 states received points for each of the criteria listed above, based on their relation to other states’ scores in that data category. Then, category scores were weighted and aggregated to determine an overall “Wrinkle Index.”

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