Friday night gunshot outside game flashback for Jackson-Olin junior DB

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) – The sound of gunshots on any Friday night is not all that uncommon. Historically, there have been several incidents of gunshots in and around high school football games in the Magic City as well.  And it happened again last Friday night at the Jackson-Olin vs. Parker game.

It has been a while since the sight of football players ducking stray bullets has been an issue. Fortunately, no one inside or outside the stadium was injured last Friday. But the thought of being hit by a stray bullet does terrify many.

T.D. Moultry, a junior defensive back for the Mustangs, would have as good a reason as any to be frightened. He caught a stray bullet in his right leg last summer. “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was in Central Park. I knew it was a bad neighborhood. I thought because of the environment I was in, even though I wasn’t doing nothing, I  didn’t think nothing could happen to me,” he told WIAT 42 News before Monday’s practice.

The 17 year old will always carry the scars from what happened in the summer of 2014. But he says it’s not something he dwells on, even when the shots rang out Friday night. “I’m a young old man.  I try to change things, make them positive. It wasn’t for me. The shooting wasn’t for me,” he said.

While this may not be a new issue in Birmingham, it was a first for T.D.’s coach Tim Vakakes. This was the first time the 3rd year coach at Jackson-Olin has had to deal with something like this.  He calls it a shame. “That you can’t get that many people in one city. In one event for high school kids, without having something like that happen. It was very unfortunate, but thankfully nobody got hurt,” Vakakes said.

As for Moultry, he says the shots only distracted him for a moment. Then he was ready for business.

“I wasn’t thinking about nothing but that game,” he said.

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