Adam Griffith looks to win back trust of Tide fans this season

(WIAT) — You never know the kicker until you need him, and at times in 2014, Alabama fans may have wished they didn’t know Adam Griffith. The sophomore kicker struggled, converting 12 of 19 field goals on the season.

“Like most fans don’t even know I was hurt last year,” says Griffith, “Y’all are hating on me but you know I’m trying to block all that stuff out.”

What the fans didn’t see was Griffith struggling with back issues which hampered the kicker the entire season. But Griffith says he just had to get through it, “I can’t do anything about it. I can’t block it, you know every time I swing my leg it feels like somebody stabs me in the back so I can’t block that.  What I can do is do everything I can in the weight room, in treatment to prevent getting hurt, that’s all I can do.”

The off-season was filled with rehab and pilates for Griffith. Now heading into his junior season, the back is fine, and Griffith says he is ready to win back the trust of the naysayers, “It feels better. Hopefully it stays that way but overall it feels a lot better.”

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