Hueytown storm topples trees, damages businesses

HUEYTOWN, Ala. (WIAT) — Owners of several businesses and homes in Hueytown are cleaning up storm damage. The National Weather Service says it’s likely a microburst hit the area Saturday afternoon.

Strong winds and heavy rain caused severe damage at Terry Reeves’ building. He says he was having a yard sale when the storm hit around 2:00.

“It was like just beautiful sunshiney weather, you’re having a beautiful day, then boom. You have two giant 150 foot oak trees laying on top of your building,” Reeves said.

Hueytown Fire and Rescue Batallion Chief Terry Hagood says several callers reported lightning striking their homes. None on those resulted in fires, but the power was knocked out for much of the area near Brookhaven Lane on Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, other businesses bore the brunt of the storm damage. The roof was ripped off Custom Medical Solutions, where Brad Shirley was working.

“We were actually in the office two doors down, and the winds were so heavy, it almost blew the cars over, and we pulled around after it was all over with and we noticed that the roof was ripped off,” Shirley said.

Although there is damage around the area and people were inside some of the damaged buildings when the storm hit, no one was hurt. Hueytown Police are asking you to stay clear of the area near Brookhaven Lane while they continue to work to clean up and restore power there.

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