How Kodi Burns went from an Auburn Tiger to a MTSU coach

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WIAT) — You might recognize a familiar face on the sidelines of Middle Tennessee State: former Auburn receiver Kodi Burns who coaches the Blue Raider wideouts.

WIAT gives you a look at how Burns went from a National Champion in 2010 to a coach.

The colors were a mystery, and Murfreesboro, Tenn. wasn’t necessarily where he thought he was going, but Kodi Burns knew he’d be here.

“I knew it was something I always wanted to do. Always wanted to be in coaching, I think you can impact lives you get to be around the game, get to be competitive, and I just love the game,” Burns said.

Auburn fans loved watching Burns play the game. As a stud quarterback recruit out of Arkansas, he started seven games his sophomore year, and not another one after.

His offensive coordinator, who would also be his first boss at Arkansas State, asked him to switch to wide receiver.

“After praying about it and talking to my parents and our team chaplain, Chet Williams, I thought it was in my best interest just to stay there. I went through a lot those couple of years early on and I just knew that staying there, my friends were there, I had made auburn my home. That’s where I wanted to be at,” he said.

The why is answered by his role at MTSU: coaching wide receivers.

“Well, it helps you. Footballs football, and being able to understand the game from a quarterback perspective I think it really helps my guys out. I don’t want them to understand the game as just a receiver; you need to know how the whole play works, you need to know what the offensive line’s doing, you need to know the quarterbacks reads,” said Burns.

He learned to lead from the man that led him away from center.

“He’s a guy that I look up to and my guys will tell you I don’t cuss, I try to set an example for those guys to show them what a father figure is or understand how I’m a young coach and what life is going to bring them,” he said. “It’s not just about football for me, man, it’s about impacting lives and guys especially in college football come from all different backgrounds. And it’s your chance to change someone’s life and show them the way as young men.”

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