Tracking a Predator: George Arthur Warren Jr.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — UPDATE: George Arthur Warren, Jr., was arrested.

ORIGINAL STORY: WIAT 42 News is joining forces with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department to track down the area’s most wanted sexual predators.

The Sheriff’s Department is responsible for tracking almost one thousand sex offenders every day.

All of them are required by law to check in every three months. Some of them don’t and now, the Sheriff’s Department is asking for your help finding those who are missing.

Sheriff’s Deputies are in our communities, checking on sex offenders, every day. Offenders must register their address with the county. Deputies check on offenders at random. Sometimes they’re home. Sometimes, they aren’t.

“Depending on where they are, they’re going to be in violation,” Lt. Jacob Reach said. If they’re residing somewhere else, even if it’s in another county or another state Reach said they would be in violation.

Sheriff Mike Hale is asking for your help in tracking down some of their worst offenders who have gone missing, including George Arthur Warren Junior.

He’s a convicted sex offender and was found guilty of rape in the first degree of a 19-year-old female back in 1996.

Warren last registered as homeless back in April in the 4300 block of Bessemer Super Highway.

He failed to check in and deputies are looking for him.

“Keeping up with sex predators is an important part of why we have safe neighborhoods, safe communities,” Sheriff Mike Hale said.

The Sheriff’s Department believes that Warren may be in the Bessemer area. If you see Warren, or know where he might be, please call the Jefferson County Sexual Predator Hotline at 205-325-4779.

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