Jefferson Co. Sheriff’s Deputies track sex offenders

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies keep an eye on more than 800 registered sex offenders every day. Deputies check on offenders to make sure they’re where they are supposed to be.

WIAT 42 News went along with deputies as they made their unannounced checks on offenders at their registered address. The law requires sex offenders to register their address every three months. During those unannounced visits, neighbors play a big role in helping law enforcement keep tabs on offenders.

WIAT went along on a handful of address checks with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. Some of the offenders were home when we stopped by. Others were either at work or hadn’t been seen in the area for a few days.

“Depending on where he is, he’s gonna be in violation. If he’s residing somewhere else, even if it’s in another county or state, he’s in violation,” Lt. Jacob Reach explained. Reach and other deputies in the Sex Offender Unit are responsible for checking on these offenders almost every day.

When an offender doesn’t answer the door or isn’t at home, neighbors can help law enforcement fill in the gap. At one house, the offender wasn’t home. A neighbor came across the street to tell Lt. Reach that the man was there a few days ago, but that he had a job. She also told him that someone came to pick him up every day. The law requires offenders to register every part of their life.

“Anytime we receive a tip we immediately go out and try to verify the information. We do our best to ensure that if one is in violation we get that felony warrant as soon as possible. Our whole objective is to prevent these guys from having another victim,” Lt. Reach said.

WIAT 42 News is partnering up with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department to profile a missing sex offender in our community. Sheriff Mike Hale believes that if more people see the faces and names, that they can track these predators down.

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