Grandview Medical Center Now Open

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Caravans of ambulances made their way back and forth along Birmingham area interstates Saturday morning. After months of planning, the new Grandview Medical Center on Highway 280 is open for business.

At the crack of dawn operation Grandview went into effect, the medical team gathered and prayed before the big move.

“One patient at a time, each one with a nurse, pretty incredible logistics, five exit points each with team leaders,” said Dr. Jeff Jones, the medical director of the emergency department.

Ambulances lined up ready to first transport 4 infants and then 94 other patients to the new hospital. As they arrived off of Highway 280, they were welcomed to their brand new and bigger facility, “I think we’ll be able to serve two to three times as many patients and the brand new emergency department of work flow efficiency and so I think we’ll be able to service each one faster,” said Dr. Jones.

Moving to the new Grandview hospital will be a big adjustment with several new perks to the emergency department.

“We’re learning to adjust to all the communication needs we’ll have, not being able to see our staff in the same place, having patients and staff spread out in three or four different areas as opposed to one compact one,” said Dr. Jones.

The hospital safely transported all patients and Trinity officially closed its doors at 12:15 Saturday afternoon.

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