Thousands of fans pour into Tuscaloosa for Homecoming

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) —Thousands of fans poured into Tuscaloosa for game day. For many, Homecoming is a tradition that keeps them coming back every year.

For some fans, though, the challenge of facing a team like Arkansas for Saturday’s game was daunting. “We’re all a little tense because we all want to win a national championship again,” said Patricia Selman, who was tailgating before the game a few blocks away from the stadium.

Others, though, say it gets more fans to Tuscaloosa. “Play somebody good for homecoming. Don’t play the cupcakes. Play somebody good, get everybody fired up. The fans love it, the team loves it, the coaches love it. Let’s play somebody good,” said Rodney Goins.

The festivities kicked off with the traditional Homecoming Parade, followed by hours of tailgating, complete with food, music, and viewings of other big games in college football.

James Brewster says he never misses a Homecoming game. He told WIAT 42 News it’s less about the trappings of the day, and more about the game itself.

“Football has been part of my life since I was like six years old. That’s fifty years of football. I don’t know what it would be like. It’s just part of life in the south,” said Brewster.

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