East Lake neighborhood shocked to hear 8 year old allegedly murdered baby

EAST LAKE, Ala. (WIAT) — Residents in the East Lake neighborhood where one-year-old Kelci Lewis was found dead in her home are speaking out about the recent death investigation.

Police learned that the one year old was left at home with children ranging from two to 8 years old and no adult supervision. The mother of the one year old left the house to go to the nightclub with her friend, the homeowner.

While the two adults were at the club, the 8-year-old boy allegedly attacked the one year old because the baby wouldn’t stop crying. The baby suffered head trauma and internal organ damage, which lead to her death.

“The 8 year old child should go to a mental institution. The mother should be charged not the child” says East Lake resident, Jamarcus McIntere.

Those that knew the mother, Katerra Lewis, tell WIAT42 that there were red flags about her that were never addressed.

“Evidently there were some issues. She wasn’t getting the help she needed” says neighbor, Angela Finch.

People in the neighborhood say everyone looks out for the kids in the area. A lot of people could not understand why Katerra didn’t ask someone to babysit instead of having the babies watch each other.

“It devastated a lot of people because when this happens in the neighborhood we are like, dang this happened a few blocks over so everyone did speak on it” says McIntere.

The suspects have been identified as Katerra Lewis, 26, and an 8-year-old boy, both of Birmingham. Katerra Lewis was taken to the Jefferson County Jail, but posted her $15,000 bond. The 8-year-old suspect is currently in custody of DHR.

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