Churches band together to support Indianapolis pastor’s family


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Blackburn family isn’t the only group mourning the loss of Amanda Blackburn, a pastor’s wife murdered in her Indianapolis home Tuesday. The church community is also hurting.

Church leaders have come together to honor Blackburn the best way possible. They will be joining her church, Resonate, in celebrating of her homecoming. A day and time has not yet been determined.

During times of tragedy, Rev. Charles Harrison turns to the Bible. He didn’t personally know Blackburn. Still, she was apart of his family, his church family.

“Regardless of what denominations we are a part of, we are all a part of a larger family. It is like a family member that was the victim of this horrific crime,” Harrison said.

Harrison took to social media to rally the support of other pastors, like Le Roy Wadlington from Pilgrim Baptist Church.

“It’s just devastating to all of us, particularly because she was a pastor’s wife. I started thinking about my own wife,” Wadlington said.

Church leaders around the city are banding together to honor Blackburn and to show support to her grieving family-especially her husband, pastor of Resonate Church, Davey Blackburn.

“Allow us to minister to you because you have ministered to so many people. Allow yourself to be ministered to as we help you deal with your crisis,” Harrison said.

If you would like to support the Blackburn family, the church has started a fund. Click here to donate.

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