Local restaurants receive low health scores for cockroaches, ‘unsanitary’ hands

(WIAT) — If you plan to eat out this week, keep reading.

The health rating scores of some local restaurants are hard to stomach.

You probably expect that the people who prepare your food wash their hands after touching their nose or garbage cans. But, according to the Jefferson County Health Department, those hands weren’t being washed at the McDonald’s on Lomb Avenue in Birmingham.

That restaurant recently received a health score rating of a 62, with six critical items identified. In addition to the unsanitary hands that were handling food, other violations included employees, and managers, not wearing hair nets, hash browns and chicken patties not being kept at the minimum temperature of 135 degrees, and a “toxic item,” identified as a gasoline canister, being kept inside of the restaurant.

It should be noted, upon re-inspection the following day, that McDonald’s did receive a score of 92.

And, if you enjoy Mexican food, you’ll be interested to know that La Catrina Mexican Cantina in Homewood was recently cited for four critical items.

Health inspectors gave them a score of 77 after violations included dairy products not being kept at the required refrigeration temperatures, cockroaches discovered throughout the entire kitchen and restaurant, and beans that were kept in a closet where employees lounge, stored underneath some towels.

Their previous score? A 71.

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